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Hi, my name is debrarubdub! My housing is not suitable

debrarubdub Community member Posts: 1 Listener
Newbie alert! So please be nice if I get it wrong. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia. I am currently applying to go on the housing list for more suitable accomodation as my housing association house is set over 4 floors with 4 flights of stairs including outside access. To go anywhere in the house I have to go up or down a flight as each room is on a separate floor. Over 8 months ago I reported that my ceiling ouside the bathroom and above the stairs to the bedrooms was damp and the asbestos filled plaster was falling down. I kept chasing this repair and each time was told it's with the appropriate team. However, yesterday whilst I was out of the house, my daughter phoned me and showed me that water was gushing in! There was a particularly bad rainstorm at the time. I reported this and was told it would go to an outside contractor. So I phoned said contractor and was told it would be 2 -3 weeks at least before anyone even came out to have a look. So, the situation is that I have buckets in the hallway and on the stairs just in case it rains. I already struggle to go up and down stairs - I often go down on my bum! With these buckets in the way I can't easily get down these stairs from my bedroom which means I have yet another bucket in my bedroom in case I need the loo in the night. I also, of course have a hole in my ceiling where more asbestos filled plaster is falling down and from prodding with a screwdriver I can tell that the whole boarding is rotten and liable to come down with the next rainfall. It is also very cold at this time of year as there is no heating whatsoever in my hallways, Cold and damp severely affect my joints and limbs to the point of total lack of mobility and chronic pain so this is not going to help one little bit. I have sent an email to my housing officer and MP but do I really have to live like this for the forseeable future? Scared every time it rains that my ceiling may come down? Cold and in pain? Any advice appreciated



  • Ross_Alumni
    Ross_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,652 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @debrarubdub

    Welcome to the community and thanks for posting, it seems as though you've been through quite a lot lately in your home, and haven't really had the level of help that you need.

    Firstly, do you have any other friends or family members who could support you at this time? Perhaps by providing a safe place for you to stay should you need it at short notice? Your home doesn't sound safe at all at the minute and it's a shame that the help can't arrive sooner than the few weeks you were quoted.

    Have you ever had a needs assessment through your local authority? That could help with finding you somewhere suitable to live sooner. Read more here.

    You could also consider contacting:

    Hopefully you hear back from your MP or housing officer very soon.

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