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Music making with aspergers and ADHD

Hi everyone,   I make music as a hobby. I love it, but i struggle because of self sabotage , and adhd, and not being connected to my emotions all the time.   I was wondering about other people, do you make music and how to you overcome your problems?


  • Tori_Scope
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    Really interesting question @aspergers_and_me :) I don't make music, so can't speak from personal experience, but I hope someone in a similar situation sees your post soon!

    In what way do you feel as though you self sabotage yourself when making music?
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  • Danip
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    Hi @aspergers_and_me ! This self-sabotage feeling happens to me when I have to organise myself to produce something, for example, writing. I found out that it's like a shutdown mechanism to avoid my self-criticism or protect myself from overwhelming sensation. What helps me is to try and advance slowly, change the activity and then come back again. I hope it helps you too :) . Take care!


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