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Poem called Love is a rollercoaster

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Poem called Love is a rollercoaster

Love is a rollercoaster.

As one day you can feel on top of the world.

We are curled next to our partner on the settee

As we drink our tea 

As we gaze into each other's eyes.

I thought she was one.

How wrong I was. 

She had moved on to some new  

I had had no clue 

My heartfelt like gone into my stomach 

I was able to speak 

I thought about seeking answers from her.

I did want stur the anger I had toward her

I was in a blur as she sent a Facebook saying was over

Moreover, I would have not have minded if she told the person that it was over.

I felt like going to Dover to clear my head.

Instead, I stayed in my bed looking empty where she normally slept.

I said to myself it’s time to accept she’s moved on and gone out of life 



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