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pip meidcal evidance

stevevar Member Posts: 21 Connected
edited January 5 in PIP, DLA, and AA
thank you for your last  email  you will lol about this  i had a  phone  call  from someone  from pip i have to provide meidcal  evidance  they  have my  medical  017 / 018    my ptsd   has got  higher since lock down gp sent two letters  stating the fact inc dates of treaement i spoke sir james Clverly minster  and mp for braintree she hd know idea im in country side didt  know who he was i stated   ur really  upseeting me and  they didnt care all medical  evidance gp has  i dont i said  conact  goverment minster and my  gp  for this as they have asscess seems  we have to do thier job  my mental  i stated is twice as bad every time i deal with pip 


  • stevevar
    stevevar Member Posts: 21 Connected
    thiers  no  commuucations case management or assistment team i state last  time they daamaged  my leg in 016
  • Tori_Scope
    Tori_Scope Posts: 7,023

    Scope community team

    Hi @stevevar :) 

    Just to clarify: has someone from the DWP asked you for further medical evidence? 

    Are you receiving any support with your PIP claim? 
    Online Community Coordinator, she/her

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  • stevevar
    stevevar Member Posts: 21 Connected
    yes gp written   sir james written  bou this calverly mp for braintree the minster was cocenred how they treating me with the information my mental  health hasnt changed  got woese  since lock down  only gp has this info
  • Poppiex21
    Poppiex21 Member Posts: 6 Listener
     :o The more I read about Mental health, the more it saddens me.   Then the more it does that, then I sit back and think when I eventually find myself in the right mindset, i need to reach out and help others get through this.  Together it is possible and i have hit rock bottom to the point in scared me.  Why do we have to constantly fight constantly prove, or in my case scream so loud that actually, excuse me universal credit, what you have put me through is actually abuse.  Its insane.

    However good people I may have some interesting news for you.  PIP so i applied back in May then chased like mad assessment team had it by mid june.  every weeks approximately on hold for 90 minutes and on the 27/09/21 same excuse sorry its waiting to be looked at, dont worry though.  dont  me not to worry.  I suffer seriously bad hypertention due to domestic abuse and i am trying to work through it.  so i ranted.  that day they sent a face to face ---- MELTDOWN TIME ---- hour on the phone telling them no i cant i just cant i dont have a car, i dont go out alone i was sobbing. The lady said its only 60 minutes!  but if you dont turn up they will probably close your claim. i said close it then, im past caring, 60 minutes of my life with a complete stranger doing stupid excercise **** does not give you any indication of my life. 1 hour out of 24. she gacve me a telephone assessment. so all that done and sent back, i started with pip again.  HERES THE GOOD NEWS GUYS - seriously as much as we shouldnt have to call them every other day and tell them how your feeling do that for a week.  Last week i had a melt down on the phone and all of a sudden the lady said..... a new specialist department was set up last week to help with severe mental health she would get them to call.  wow that guy called back, did my assessment that day called me the next day with award and figures.  hope the info helps


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