I've had Nervo implant surgery. Have any of you been able to reduce or stop taking your pain meds?

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Hello everyone about 4 weeks ago I had my Nervo implant surgery.

It has been a tough 4 weeks as I'm not sure its working as I have surgical pain in top of my normal pain and its had to separate the two.

I'm finally able to sleep through the night with minimal pain on the outside of my thighs so it must be working as I have not been able to sleep on my sides for years.

I have had eight back surgeries with two fusions and if it was not for perocet I don't know how it would have made it. So many people slam opiates but for people like myself that live with pain they are life savers. In the 20 some odd years of taking my meds I never abused them or took more than my Doc prescribed although there were many times I wanted to.

I have to stop and hope my implant will help me wean off or at least reduce the amount I have to take which is not goal.

My question is have any of you been able to reduce or stop taking your pain meds?

Thanks for giving my a chance to sit my concerns and a little of my battle with pain.



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    Hi and welcome to the community and for telling us about yourself 

    I don't have ongoing pain but appreciate what you must be going through 

    Hope the surgery has a positive effect 
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    Welcome to the community @JohnPS :) Thanks for joining, and for telling us about your situation. I'm sorry to read that you've been in so much pain lately, but hopefully the implant will help moving forwards.

    I haven't been through anything similar, so I don't have a personal experience to share, but I'm sure that one of our members will come along soon with a personal experience or suggestion to make! We have plenty of members who live with chronic pain, and take painkillers, so I hope you'll be able to make some useful connections here on the community.

    I've moved your post into our chronic pain and pain management category, and renamed it, so that other members can find it more easily.

    National Campaigns Officer at Scope, she/her

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    Thank you I'm not very technically smart I was able to see you moved my post to your Chronic Pain Forum but how do I find it not much luck clicking around is there a link i could save?

    Thank you,