Toyota and car tax..had the car 2 months

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This is my reply to them over a V5 they have lost....
I am registered disabled and a blue badge holder and am exempt from the road tax fee.I would need to be in possession of the V5 document to change the class of the vehicle at the post office along with my certificate of entitlement.
This was explained to Graham the sales person who assured me the document would be with the car on delivery.
On delivery of the car I received only the car instruction book.service record and past mot.Once realised I phoned Graham to explain that I needed the V5 to tax the car.He assured me it was going to be sent on,but the car was already taxed anyway.
This situation seems quite ridiculous and has never happened to me before.
All costs I believe should now be paid by your dealership.
I even asked for a wheel alignment before delivery that was never done.We had to take the car a month or so later to .....for the work to be done.
I think under the circumstances that this situation should shared with the general manager.


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    I'm not sure what if anything we can do ??
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    More of highlighting the fact that if you are entitled to free car tax.How do you do it without a v5.theoretically the car should have already been taxed and V5 sent off as new keeper.
    Sorry I'm rambling on...