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Having trouble using keyboard and mouse for computer?

Dear Scope forum members

Would you like to try out this game and give your views and thoughts?
If you have a disability that makes it difficult or impossible to play computer games using a mouse and keyboard buttons, you're welcome to participate as a tester and get access to a downloadable game that is solely sound controlled. Parents and carers can reply too.
The difficulties can be due to motor impairments or cognitive impairments.

The game is controlled by using sound, like vocalizations or musical instruments or "noise".
After you've played the game you can send your views and opinions by email on what works and what doesn't work. Your answers are anonymous, no names or ages will be used. Emails will not be stored, just the comments, with no links to who sent them. (The license for the game will be yours to keep.) Your comments may help further development in sound controlled games and apps, like apps for communication and other type of accessible games.

It's not so much about if the game itself is fun or not, we all have different tastes for games, but rather how you perceive its usability. Is this a method that would be useful for other games or apps in your opinion? Examples: Is it easy to control the game? If you have a cognitive impairment is it too complex or is it intuitive? Do different scenes in the games work better than others for your specific needs? Your thoughts on such matters would be really helpful.

The game was originally created as a simple and fun type of visual instrument that even very small children could explore with sound, but it also contains a simple car racing scene and space ship scene.

The questionnaire study is conducted by Tino Ågren, game developer and psychologist at Mixxus Studio.

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