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Can you write a poem.

onebigvoice Member Posts: 260 Pioneering
along the theme of Christmas poems.




Christmas time is here again

Its not just about party and cheer.

It’s a time to be so good

I know I can, I should, I would.


I went into to town to day,

To see, those discounts on display.

5, !0 and 20%,

 being replaced by up to 50 %


The signs are so big, you see.

There, their, to make you reflect

Which shop sales are the best


  I’ve seen the gifts that I really wanted

On the shelves of all these stores,

Its time to get my mum with me

And sit her upon my knee.


Now Santa has been to see me last night.

And told me of his mighty plight.

To get those gifts to everyone

In one night and then he’s done.


And so to give him a helping hand,

I made a list, brand by brand.

There’s a computer and an I Phone to.

And a Race car that needs batteries to.


  There’s those shoes with the 6 inch heels,

 and that party dress, with the sexy sleeves.

That makeup that’s so expensive,

That generally would be so elusive.


The list is getting so big now,

 I have to stop and think again.

Cos’ it only comes round once a year   


Concentrate on my main present,

The one you really can’t do without.

And I now come to realise

Is all I need for Christmas is my Family and you.


The fun is going in the attic

And getting the Tree and lights out

 from the boxes and bags bursting with delight.

Around the window, those flashing lights.


The hanging of the garlands around the hose.

And when its done you can’t hear a mouse.

Because there is that advent calendar

That Granny buy’s us every year.


The best part about all this.

Is its 24 days to go,

And every day we can celebrate this.

So no matter what your god, think of your family and those no longer here.


A little prayer for those you have lost.

As memory’s start to become so clear.

I wish I had said or done this,

While they were still here.


Don’t let another Christmas go by.

With arguments, confrontations, why?

When gone, it’s too late to say good bye.

Just say one word SORRY, and miss you.


So no matter what you want this Christmas

Just remember my " shopping list. "

Well what did you expect? 

I’m your favourite son/daughter, and deserve MORE THIS YEAR.


  • Sandy_123
    Sandy_123 Member Posts: 2,406 Pioneering

    A new year has been welcomed In 

    With a song, a dance, a cheeky gin

    The stroke of midnight, big Ben chimes

    Pretty loud  fireworks to the sky climbs

    "Auld Lang Syne" is sung to all nearby

    Most people are not sure as to why

    Or that  Mr  Robert Burns did write 

    It is farewell to old and  a future bright

    Superstitions on the eve of new year

    Like first footing, to bring good luck here

    They will have piece of coal, or a gift of food

    Be sure to welcome your guest don't be rude 

    For when it's all done and it falls silent

    Resolutions are made, maybe a new diet

    Keep well and stay safe and  be happy 

    For happy news years to you chappie

  • lisathomas50
    lisathomas50 Member Posts: 4,965 Disability Gamechanger
    Love your poem 


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