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Acrostic poem for Scope

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Acrostic poem for Scope
Scope charity you have been an important part of my life.
Can not express gratitude to Scope for their help.
Opening my eyes to the possibility there out there.
Praising the help natured people online Scope community
Empowering me fantastic things

Onwards and upwards for me
Now I have an unbreakable confidence thanks to the online scope community
Living my life full enriched with happiness with fantastic things I am doing through my craft. 
Intend to use my craft of poetry to bring change.
Now is time for my bring change through my poetry writing
Every time the online scope community always there for me

Community are a fantastic environment that is welcoming and supportive
Opportunity to get advice for online scope members
Magnificent online advice pages covering many topics 
Making a real difference in many peoples lives 
Understanding the complex challenges we may be facing in our lives
Nice to be with an online community understand my challenges
Important I give something back to Scope charity 
Thank you for the support and help you have given and giving me
You will also have a special place heart.



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