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Christmas Community Sweepstake 2021

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Welcome to the Christmas Community Sweepstake!

Following on from the success of our Euro 2020 sweepstake, we'll be getting in the festive football spirit by hosting our own mini community sweepstake competition and giving away our highly prized Christmas Community Sweepstake badge to the winner.

How to win: the team you draw must score the most goals over the entire festive football period (18 December - 3 January).

What if teams tie for most goals scored: it doesn't matter - it's Christmas!

To take part:

  • Simply pick a number between 1 and 20 and comment with your number below. Note: if you pick a number that has already been chosen, you'll need to pick a different one.

The rules: 

  • Numbers are randomly assigned to a team from the English Premier League, but you won't find out what team you've drawn until after you've chosen your number.
  • Numbers are given on a first-come, first-served basis until all the spots are filled and if needs be, we'll then double up. 
  • We'll announce what teams people have drawn next week.
Any questions at all, please ask!
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