Financial Management and Budgeting - ADVICE PLEASE

mia97 Community member Posts: 51 Contributor
I am autistic (high-functioning) and I feel like I have learnt lots of skills towards independence over many years. However, the one are where I seem to struggle is Finance Management & Budgeting.

I am lucky that I live with my mum and we are very close, she has always supported me and helped me through everything, including financial support. Mum has spent the time to teach me financial tricks and shown me how she manages house bills, etc. But I struggle with concepts and this is one I don't fully understand.

A disclaimer, I do work and have the ability to work, so I do bring in an income, I just don't seem to be able to budget or use it in the appropriate ways. I tend to spend money on my hobbies (technology gadgets, sports, clothes and my dog) - NOTHING illegal though!

Please could someone share any ideas or methods they have used to help with everything money management related?

In my opinion, this is the last 'ability' I need to achieve and then I'll be fully content and comfortable in the future. - This really will be life changing!

Thank you in advance??