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I knew he was good. But not that good.....

onebigvoice Member Posts: 258 Pioneering
My grand son who lives with me and plays foot ball out our back garden, has joined the Cardiff Cosmos under 7.  He's been playing for them for months and when his dad and mum come home they always talk about how many goals he has scored against others that are bigger than he is.
  He is now becoming well known and when he strikes the ball, look out.  Last week and the week before he sent the goalie and the ball into the net.  Other just duck.
  Todays game was, every one ready for the kick off?  Jacob kicked the ball over the heads of the 4 people stood in front of him outside the ring straight into the back of the net?  This is not the first time he has scored from here and has scored from between his 25 and the centre on a regular basis.
  Apart from the parents all being stunned, he needs to brush up on his victory dance, in this case running round the centre circle and tripping on his lace, falling on his head and eating grass.
  Got up spat out the grass and said I meant to do that......  I think he meant the goal.  The other week he went to do a forward roll onto the pitch and ended up nutting the floor? 
  Has already been scouted but want him to go to Man U grounds which means Fridays and Weekends Travelling to and from every week?  Don't we have any thing closer to home?  


  • woodbine
    woodbine Community Co-Production Group Posts: 6,055 Disability Gamechanger
    Our grandson joined an under 9's team this season and they have played 8 games so far and lost all of them, however he has scored 19 goals so far.
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