Ho Ho Ho dear......

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This is just meant as a discussion or your thoughts and is not meant as a serious debate but a light hearted look at some Christmas treats.

  Saw this this morning on one of my feeds and although I would not normally promote adverts I thought it was about time they had something back.

As a gesture of thanks, we’re giving NHS & HSC healthcare workers two £10 Uber rides and an Uber Eats food delivery to spend on a meal or groceries of up to £10.

NHS & HSC staff with a valid NHS or HSC email can redeem the offer by linking their NHS or HSC email to their Uber account. The promo offer will then be available to take up over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

  This does not apply to NHS workers that don't have an E mail or NHS number?
Just wondered, as I am not sure how some care workers would fair if they wanted to claim this?