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Masters student looking to do a focus group with parents of children with LD

HollyJW Member Posts: 1 Listener
I'm Holly and I am a masters student at Liverpool John Moores university. I am studying computer science and I will be doing my MSc dissertation project on creating a website for parents and carers of children with LD (its in its very early stages at the moment and so far I'm looking to focus on children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, APD, autism and ADHD). The point of the website would be to provide an online space that is about understanding how the specific LD affects your child, focusing on the childs strengths and weaknesses, and resources and information that would help the parents and child. 
From my research so far it has revealed that there are a lot of parents who struggle to access proffessional help such as testing, extra support in education etc, and there is also a lack of knowledge on LD. As someone who is currently being tested for dyslexia it has made me to want to understand more about my LD and why at the age of 21 it has only just been picked up by others. 
The reason I am putting this message out is I would really like to do a focus group (would be conducted online) in the new year with parents of children with LD to understand what you all think would be beneficial or useful on a website that could provide support and clear information, as well as resources and links to other useful sites. I want to make a site that is welcoming and not daunting to parents/carers especially those who have little knowledge of LD. 
If anyone would be interested I am happy to provide some more information, and anyone who takes part would remain annoymous. It would be a massive help and really appreiciated, I am more than happy for you to share this message with other parents/carers you know of with children with LD that you think would be interested in helping. 
You can contact me via this message, or email: [email protected] 

It would be really good to get some responses and as I said it would be greatly appreciated. 




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