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Did We Once Live On Mars

Ookpik Member Posts: 102 Courageous
 l do have some weird thoughts at times. But it has been strongly researched into how this planet "Mars" could have been inhabited by human beings. l do have my views on why this could be by looking at the clues and putting the pieces together that eventually shows a picture of answers. Even some top scientists are convinced we could have inhabited Mars. Think of this one. if we did inhabit Mars. Then why is the Martian landscape desolate, and why are we here on Earth.
Here is my view.

imagine a rich healthy planet full of life and diversity.
Just right for life to thrive. And now imagine cancer that has encroached on that healthy body with the aggressive ability to destroy that life source. Mars was once that planet until some sort of source had that ability to destroy it. Now!, look at the earth to what it is now, to what it was just after the ice age. The signs are exactly the same as what happened with Mars. And my beliefs are Humans did roam Mars that incited the exact destructive mentality we now have on earth, which turned the planet Mars into a desolate Red dessert.l believe our ancestors arrived from Mars, knowing what they did was wrong. And they brought with them a manual book with the right knowledge to teach us how to behave and think in a positive manner towards the life that has been created for our well being. And to stop this destruction from ever happening again. But, unfortunately, our ancient ancestor's offspring decided to ignore this knowledge given to them and chose to become independent from the knowledge themselves by installing policies totally opposite to what the manual said. That manual was now known as the Bible which was distorted with many false scriptures with the intention to control, oppress, and gain wealth and power. That is when that evil fueled the start of things to come "Corruption" and that book of truth was suddenly turned into a book of deception and wrong thinking. Guess what those traits were.False religion,monetary,cultural intolerance,and political.All of these 4 are designed to destroy the earth because these 4 have one thing in common. They are fuelled by deception and slander that encourages conflicts and wars. This feeds corruption, and the corruption keeps on getting stronger while being fed negative behaviour. lt seems the earth is going the same way as what our ancestors experienced on Mars. Because we chose to ignore reason. All the signs are there now amongst our world societies to destroy the very home we rely on for our survival. Answer this one..Will humans ever learn right from wrong? Or are we just a species genetically driven by an evil source? Here is the link to some hard truths of the matter. ignore the plights if you May. But there is one thing we cannot ignore, and that is the destruction of our planet by corrupt minds ruining it for the people with compassion. And this is why so many people throughout the world are so mentally and physically sick. lf only we listened to our ancient ancestors, none of these woes would've ever happened. 
Nature has all the answers. All we have to do is listen, and peace will prevail



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