Is my WCA supposed to be used as evidence in a pip tribunal?

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For context I recently got off the phone to what I thought was going to be a PIP tribunal to plead my case. I was told that I didn't have enough medical evidence for a fair fight and that the tribunal are going to gather my work capability assesment documents to understand my background, but aren't these 2 separate benefits with separate descriptors? 

I had to go to a tribunal regarding universal credit after my WCA so I see this as a detriment to my case but it has just confused me a little. Is this normal and I'm just confused over nothing? Thanks in advance!


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    Thanks @Username_removed! They did, they asked me to collect my records but luckily I already have. I gave them everything I thought was relevant but most of my doctors notes aren't specific or detailed, they're mostly just stating that I've been in for an appointment and I've been given medication. The tribunal phone call was only to tell me that I should gather more evidence, I didn't get to plead any of my case at all. The annoying thing is I feel like they're asking me to give what I've already given. Things are made worse by the fact my GP won't do PIP cover letters apparently.

    Cheers for the link, I'll give it a look.
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    08herlilj said:.. GP won't do PIP cover letters apparently.
    Don't worry about that - on occasions when GPs do write such letters they are usually fairly useless because they don't see you trying to cook a meal, getting and out of a bath etc.