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written own poetry book

Globster Community member, Community Volunteer Host, CP Network, Scope Member Posts: 2,553 Disability Gamechanger
edited February 2022 in Coffee lounge

Hello Scope online community 

I have just written my own poetry book. I would love to hear what scope online community feel about my own poetry book

Living with Disability 

Every day we face new challenges in our lives. 

Although it takes us time to find solutions to our challenges.

We strive each day to find solutions to our challenges one day.

It is important we think positively and have a clear mind.

For so long we have been defined and categorised

But no more we all have a fantastic creative flair we should use to bring change.

We need to join together and we can bring change.


Looking past the wheelchair 

We get people staring when out because we are in a wheelchair

Our wheelchair is our legs and our way to get around.

I politely smile back 

I have lost track of how many people have stared because I’m in a wheelchair

I wish people would look past the wheelchair.

I know it will hard to change people’s perceptions.



I don’t care,

I use my failures as my strength;

I use my poetry writing to express my feelings

My poetry writing has opened many doors for me.

I gained fantastic confidence from sending my poetry writing to many opportunities where some I have been successful and so I have not much time to hone my poetry writing skills.

Each day I do drills to develop our crafts.

I track our progress my putting small tasks in our planner to reach the bigger goal

When I am on a roll, no one or nothing can get in my way. I lay the groundwork for achieving my goals. 

I clearly focus on how and when I want to achieve my goals. 

I am using my disability to drive me onto fantastic things.


I have faced questions from others through my life

I don’t think I will stop facing questions in life

It is part of life.

I find answers to my questioner questions which have made me a stronger person. 

I prove you're all wrong as for so long you were putting me down.


I rest my mind set thinking to think more positively on life

I was stuck in a rut and my foot felt like it was stuck in cement.

I saw inspiring disabled people do amazing things,

Then I said to myself one day I can do anything if I just put my mind to it.

I pursue achievements for myself. 

Poem called Special someone

Diamonds are a woman best friend ... 

I want to make the neck of our special someone glisten 

and wrists sparkle with gold bracelets. 

Their fingers shine glorious shining diamond rings

As I see my special woman with a sweet smile on her face

Poem called supportive 

Family have been supportive

Appreciating you raising me up after my disappointments. 

Making special memories 

Intending to make our family proud,

Let me show my poems 

You have all seen my potential 

Our time for change

Disability affects individuals in different ways.

Intend to rise up early every morning we perfect hidden talents

Stay strong for my fellow people with disabilities

And we can stand together and fight for change

Black threatening clouds hangover us,

making it Important to show our creative abilities. 

Let’s remove names and terms that are used,

by the ignorant, for people with disabilities,

to develop strength and confidence in us. 

Time we used our creative talents to bring change

Yes, if we work together we can bring change.

Poem called Stormy seas

Sea parts again,

Empowering currents make seas harsh again

Appreciating the calm before next storm.

Poem called raised eyes

Eyes raised again,

You have no need to shed another tear.

Eyes sparkling with beauty

Seeing a glint in our eyes

Poem called expressing love 

Nights are lonely.

There is an empty space were you slept.

I am not going shed another tear for you 

I know one day that special lady will come 

Into my life one day.

I will embrace you to express my love for you.

Poem called Rain

Rain was pouring as lovers Ray and May loved dancing in the rain.

Appearing Ray and May's clothes appeared soaked through by the rain.

Insane how the rain was coming down.

Now the black leaden skies clouds looked full of rain

Sadness as we hear the rain bouncing off the windows

Poem called never letting the flame go out

Fire burns bright in my hearts

Never gonna let that go out in my heart

The flame in my heart glowing brightly

My passion is keeping the flame inside my heart going. 

Poem called Dear friend

Friend, you are allowed lean on my shoulder in your hour of need. 

Remember I will be there for you my friend as well.

I am only a call away.

Ensuring our friendship grows stronger

Never going to take friendship for granted

Day and Night I am there for you my friend.

Poem called Stage

The stage allows creative juices to flow

As they show their moves 

Which has the crowd on the edge of their seats

The dancers were light on their feet,

As they glided across the stage.

Poem called Christmas

Christmas is a fantastic time of year.

We share fantastic food and drink with loved ones.

We create some special moments with our loved ones.

We take moments to reflect on people less fortunate than ourselves. 

Well say joy and prosperity to all.

Poem called New Year 

New Year is when we make new resolutions whatever they are,

As we see people make positive changes in their life.

It important we keep to resolutions we make 

As some might look to shake a few pounds 

Off after eating lovely food during Christmas.


Poem called feeling free

I feel free.

As I drink Indian masala tea.

As I write a new poem

So come inside to the warm

And listen to my new poetry work.


Poem called sugar rush

Eating too many sweets could cause diabetes.

We need to be mindful of our sugar levels. 

Appreciate, crave, sugar rush and it is so lush.

Meaning of Father

Father, you mean the world to me.

Appreciate your help with my day to day tasks.

Time to say thank to both of my parents being there for me.

Hold me up and make sure I have everything I need

Especially I hope to make you proud of me

Relishing my success.

Meaning of mother

Mum, you mean the world to me. 

Opportunity to make you proud of me.

Time to make some special memories with you.

Helping with my day to day tasks

Expressing gratitude to you

Rejoicing at my success.

Poem a power of a flower

Flowers are gorgeous to look at and beautiful fragrances that flowers give off. 

Long stems flowers looking stunning straight and proudly. 

Opportunity to watch the young flower grow into a strong attractive flower.

Within a few months of receiving some tender loving woman, woman called Sue,

Enriched the tender flower feed and daily watering.

Relaxing and while admiring how beautiful you look, my flower.

A poem called running at pace 

A race is about going at pace.

As we strap our running boots

I wait to hear the sound of a starting gun.

As I get ready on starting mark

Then I hear the starting gun

I run fast, as my legs could take me.

I was the first person to cross the finish line

As the warm sunshine shone on my face

Poem called glorious aromas 

Tastes are so beautiful 

Our food palettes are looking different.

We face eating a new style of food. 

We consume fantastic food.

The glorious food aromas could be smelt

Poem called following passion


Fashion is fantastic passion.

A young woman Sophie loved designing her own clothes 

And robes from her own bedroom.

One day she hoped to get her own clothes and robes seen at London fashion week As her designs were unique and sheik.

Poem called snowflake 

Snow is fantastic to watch through the window.

As the clouds were full of snowflakes 

It looked beautiful and picturesque and tranquil with children sweet faces as they Sledding down the snow covered street.

The poem called Winter chill in the air

There is a bitter cold feeling in the air,

As there is a wintery scene outside as snow falls.

Has caused much distribution and devastation to many homes and phones.

It is beautiful to look at wintery scenes through your window.

We are told not to go outside unless we have to

We brew a nice cup of tea to keep ourselves warm,

We put our heating on as there is a chill in the air.

As there are some children with gleeful smiles on their little sweet faces,

As they dust their sledges off and go sliding in the snow.

And eyes lit up with excitement and laughter could be seen on many of the Children's faces.

As they are wearing their winter coats, hats, gloves and scarves to keep Warm from the cutting wind that is blowing. 

The skies overhead were looking threatening and full of further snow to fall.

This puts some people at risk of slipping on the snow as they walk on the Footpaths that have not been treated with salt.

Acrostic poem about kindness

Kindness does not cost anything.

Indeed we can help anyone.

Never feel small favours cannot help someone.

Don't be afraid to go out of your way to help someone.

Noble turns are looked upon by god.

Enrich our hearts with a warm feeling.

Stretching a hand out to those who need help

Striding to always be willing to help others.

Poem called hope and trust in our passion


Having fantastic hope and scope on how to succeed 

Opportunity proves your passion can become successful.

Putting your skills you have learnt.

Ending the fears we have. 


Keeping held head high

My poetry writing skills do not lie

I pride myself and poetry writing on being the best 

I make small steps of progress with poetry writing each day.

As I spend many hours refining my poetry writing.  

Along the way, warm many hearts through my poetry writing

My poems give empowering messages of positivity and hope and joy to all

Phrase speech when falling in pursuit 

I am getting messages heard through my poetry writing

I dust myself down and go again till I am able to send

My message out there for people to hear

I don't fear failure. I just seem to use my failures 

As learning experiences and I do not let myself get down. 

I turned my life around through poetry writing. 

My confidence has grown to unknown levels and tripled. 

Acrostic poem called time

Time gives us a chance to do things we love.

Impressing creative abilities.

Mesmerizing people with our creative talents

Every day we work to perfect our crafts and use time wisely 

                                                                           to perfect our creative abilities.

Poem called Regret

Regret can be a dreadful feeling to have

each day something eats away at you;

going to bed wishing you had acted on feelings

reflecting on what could have been 

each day have a grave reminder of what could have been

Tears run down everything we remember that time. 


Poem called sharing positively 

Making small steps to achieve my bigger goals

Opportunity raises and surprises ourselves 

Very important we stay positive while we learn our craft

Especially we face difficulties on our journey 


Poem magic in the feet

Children are seen playing football in the park.

As sparkles fantastic confidence in their ability.

Their skilful feet have their parents off their seat  

As they beat the opposition defenders 

And sit the goalkeeper down and roll the ball into an empty net.

As some children have fantastic control of their feet.

As some children grow up playing football on the street with friends

As they spend hours perfecting their craft.

They hope to see themselves playing on bigger football grounds on the day

I hope to hear the fans cheering their names;

It is important they get their fame, but don't let go to their heads. 

A poem called to rise again


Time is a great healer

As my difficulties seem to have lifted; 

It felt like grey dark clouds hung over me

Once I found answers to problems the grey clouds seem to dissipate

The skies up above were a clear blue colour,

I am up on the rise again

And them ten again  

Remembrance Sunday tribute poem

Remember our fallen servicemen and women.

Expressing our gratitude for what our servicemen and women have done for us

Marking this time by giving a gun salute.

Eager that guns have fallen silent around the world for good.

Medals are given to our war heroes. 

Bring the nation to silence

Wreaths are laid at our war memories around the UK.

Appreciating that our serviceman and woman had laid down their lives for us;

Now we are grateful to be able to lead normal lives;

Cost of many lives lost.

Expressing pain for family members of lost services man or woman.

Sparing moment to reflect and collect our thoughts.

Understanding how different our lives would have been.

Now bugles are played at our remembrance services; 

Days go by for some families, war heroes shed a tear that 

                                                  family members are no longer with them.

Always going to a special place in our hearts.

Years and years go by but it becomes easy for 

                                            family members of war heroes to be left behind.

Poem called flying kites

The sun was shining brightly in the clear blue sky,

As children were flying kites in the park.

A beautiful sight as kites blow in the gentle winds;  

The kites are colourful, light and bright 

The children’s kite competitions

And the children are heard, having fantastic fun.

A poem called our brain our powerful tool

Our brains are a powerful tool;

We need to keep our brains fuelled with food and water,

Before our bodies get hotter

As our brains seem to go at a hundred miles an hour.

As we power through our tasks for the day.

As we can do this 

As I watch, the hand's Swiss watch turn

As we learn not ourselves out by doing too much in one go.

A poem called the season of Autumn

  1. Autumn is upon us again,

  2. And our farmers harvest their crops to our shops,

  3. As our children celebrate Harvest festival at school

  4. As we watch our beautiful trees and plants shed their leaves

  5. They turn a yellow colour as they fall to the ground around our parks as they prepare for winter.

  6. Our migratory birdsdepart, which leaves a kind of sadness in the air.

  7. Which sparks the crunching sound of the leaves as cyclists wheels go over them.

  8. As we watch our dormice, hedgehogs and bats go into hibernation. 

  9.  The daylight starts growing shorter as the season Autumn arrives 

  10. As the temperature grows colder and we dig our woolly clothing from          our wardrobes.

  11. As we sit in front of our log fires to keep us warm.

  12. We draw curtains early in the evenings;

  13. As the daylight seems to go early and our streets are kept bright and night by our streetlights.

  14. There is for some elderly people great sadness that we are stuck in houses again and they change in temperature with weather getting cooler;

  15.  It has not deterred us from getting our last jobs done in our gardens

  16. As our garden harden with season Autumn beginning

  17.  These misty mornings and cold wind in the air.

  18. As hair tears past me on my morning walker who say hello 

  19. As a young fellow called Joe who went brisk walk during month of Autumn 

  20. As he heard a crow squawking, their way of talking to the other crows.

  21.  Vegetables like Rockets, Radishes and Spinach grow as well as other vegetables. 

  22. As people grow their own vegetables in their own greenhouses;

  23. As they share their own grown vegetables with their family and friends who were also green-fingered 

  24.  Autumn is the best month for making delicious desserts;

  25. Which spurs them to grow some more.

  26. This draws many people to their allotments. 

  27. The allotment owners were given a sense of purpose. 

  28. Autumn is my favourite season because I like seeing leaves on trees change colour 

  29. Animals like deer, red squirrels and other animals can be seen in the months of Autumn.

  30.   Autumn is an awesome month to see change happening.

  31. European robins tweet melodiously as they appear on our shores as they tours around the UK.

  32. Animals like the Hedgehog and Barn owls are born in the months of Autumn;

  33. Flowers like Rudbeckia are beautiful looking because yellow and red colours turn tones;

  34. Glorious looking linger around gardens up and down the country, 

  35. As we sit, a warm cup of tea gives us some warmth in our bodies.

  36.  As we begin to spend more time inside our homes and on our phones.

  37. As people look gorgeous with different flowers for their window boxes.

  38. As we see some Foxes. 

  39.  Autumn is a pleasant time for gorgeous things.

Jay's poem about missed by lockdown

Whilst struggling to play his video games and never claimed to be the best video gamer, he has missed not volunteering, not seeing his family and friends.

As he is spending time helping people in an online scope community who need help.

Jay felt a sense of happiness by helping others.

He smothers self-doubt, that sometimes rears its ugly head as he lay in bed.

Jay listened to his music which kept him calm.

As he got sweaty palms whenever he was nervous about going outside to meet people once again.

I really missed not seeing the Stoke Park writing group.

As I scoop my confidence, enter my poetry writing into different opportunities through the Scope online community.

I am a Community Volunteer Host. Please note: if I use the online community outside of its hours of administration, I am doing so in a personal capacity only.


  • Alex_Alumni
    Alex_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,561 Disability Gamechanger
    That's so many @Globster, amazing work!

    I've just moved them a bit closer together for you, so our members can read them all more easily :)
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  • Globster
    Globster Community member, Community Volunteer Host, CP Network, Scope Member Posts: 2,553 Disability Gamechanger
    I appreciate you moving my poems close together to make it easy for the scope members to read the poem book.I appreciate your kind words my own poetry book @Alex_Scope :)

    I am a Community Volunteer Host. Please note: if I use the online community outside of its hours of administration, I am doing so in a personal capacity only.

  • Sandy_123
    Sandy_123 Scope Member Posts: 55,741 Disability Gamechanger
    Well done @Globster great poems
  • Globster
    Globster Community member, Community Volunteer Host, CP Network, Scope Member Posts: 2,553 Disability Gamechanger
    I appreciate your kind words on my own poetry book @Sandy_123

    I am a Community Volunteer Host. Please note: if I use the online community outside of its hours of administration, I am doing so in a personal capacity only.

  • Globster
    Globster Community member, Community Volunteer Host, CP Network, Scope Member Posts: 2,553 Disability Gamechanger
    edited February 2022
    I looking to get my poetry book published and any profit I make on the book to go back to scope charity because scope charity has been an integral part of life.  I appreciate it if anyone could advise how could do this.

    I am a Community Volunteer Host. Please note: if I use the online community outside of its hours of administration, I am doing so in a personal capacity only.

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