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Medical Negligence NHS

bredd12 Community member Posts: 1 Listener
I wondered if anyone could give me any advice on whether this would class as malpractice. After recently speaking to a midwife who advised me that treatment I was given during labour was not normal and probably caused issues.

When I went into labour (back waters had ruptured 24-36 hrs before hand and I didn’t know) my contractions started not long after my waters started coming more rapidly, I was given an injection in my stomach 3 different times to stop my contractions although baby was in no distress, found out once I got a room around 28 hours later that they were extremely busy and didn’t have a bed for me hence why I was slowed down. I was not induced at all and the slowing of the labour prolonged my stay to 4 days in total ending with a forcep delivery on my request as I didn’t want a c cection as there was still no distress to my baby.

I have trauma from this experience and I won’t be having anymore children due to the fears of birth. I have been advised by a few people to look into making a complaint but I don’t know where to start. 




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