Pip for mental health! Help so anxious

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Hey. I’m new here 
my name is Lou I’ve just had my pip assessment yesterday. Which went so much better than I though the lady was lovely. 
I suffer with my mental health 

at the end of the call the lady said she would be highly recommending maximum points for everything except reading. 
How likely is it that the DWP will go with what she says
I’m so anxious it’s killing me ! 
Thank you for any advice xxxx 


  • poppy123456
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    The person who did the assessment shouldn't have said anything to you because it's not their job to do that. It would be impossible to predict anything at this stage. All you can do is wait for the decision, which can take anything up to 12 weeks, sometimes longer.
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    Hello and welcome to the community @lou1921 and well done for getting through your assessment, you've done the hard part!

    As our members have said, you won't know more until your letter comes through from the decision maker, and you can request the report if you like, but that might cause more stress. 

    As it may well be a long wait you'd be welcome to use the community to help pass the time, you can visit the Coffee Lounge to get to know our members, chat and play games. And you can browse all our topics for discussion on the categories page.

    If you can, try and focus on things you enjoy, and things which help you relax, and before you know it the letter will hopefully arrive!

    If anything comes up in the meantime, please do reach out, and we'll be here to support you whatever the decision in your letter is :)

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