how do people cope with chronic pain and do you feel ignored

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I suffer from chronic pain. it has been so bad that a couple of years ago i nearly took my own life. I suffer from depression due to my chronic pain.

I am stuck with a house that i dont want. it is dangerous to me and causes my chronic pain to become worse.

I was told that i would receive a downstairs toilet but that will be in two years time, i do not have two years time.

Sadly, due to my wife retired next month and due to me being on beneifts we would have no chance of getting a mortgage so we could buy a flat or bungalow. we have been scratching our heads to try and work out what we could do to make my life easier.

everyday is a struggle but i feel ignored from those organisations who are supposed to support us.

They always say that right things but then there is never any action.

would just like to know how people deal with their chronic pain. sadly i cannot have an operation to solve it as the doctors are worried that i would die through an operation. so i have to live with it but feel like a prisoner in my own home.

i just wished i could wave a magic wand and either remove the pain, or find a solution to my living accomodation like getting a bungalow or other types of commodation that would be more suitable


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    Hello @happyfella thank you for reaching out, it can be hard to be so open and honest when we are struggling, so well done. 

    It's a really difficult situation and I can hear your frustrations. Often it feels like we won't ever see a change, but talking about things helps. I know you're not alone in what you're going through, and that the community can help support you.

    I know that housing is usually prioritised based on levels of risk, and that a danger to life, an emergency or urgent need to move puts you in the top bands. It may be worth enquiring whether you could qualify for Band C: identified housing need.

    We'd like to support you as much as we can with how you're feeling, so please keep an eye out for an email from with more information.

    Just ask if you feel we can support you further with anything, and take care today.
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    the situation with my toilet problems had turned into a life threatening situation as described on other threads. Due to the struggle to go to the toilet it has resulted in my tubes becoming damaged. i woke up after a second operation to be told it had failed and is now life threatening. Just waiting now for the third operation to take place which this time will hopefully work.

    I like Boris idea that people on benefits should be able to get a mortgage but now he is going i dont think that will now happen
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    Keep popping the Morphine and Pregabalin pills!