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want to complain LOUDLY about how difficult to get medical treatment. Next hurdle is PIP

kazasid Community member Posts: 8 Listener
I am an aspiring comic - its a cliche for a reason, we have to laugh or we will cry!.  
and here I want to complain LOUDLY about how difficult to get medical treatment in Llanelli (my new home after 20 years in Cheltenham) I have of course complained to the obvious ppl, all in the last week, so not much time / opportunity for any response local councillors (no reply), my MP - a chat with staff who would ask her to phone me - no phone call.
Written to Mp twice in succession, asked her to nudge local councillors - no response from any of them. Also complaints at Welsh NHS - response received - someone will be in touch(no-one has tho)
I did manage to give the practice nurse my urine sample and she confirm it was fine (which I already knew) and referred me to someone (?) and promised the district nurses will contact me - what did she think they would do to fix my clearly malfunctioning bladder? I need someone who comes complete with a scanner of some description, but sad to say, I just sat there and wept with relief that I was actually in a meeting with a health-care professional.
Next hurdle is to apply for PIP. I got 2 weeks to complete the forms. I will post my progress when I can and if there is any. Last time it took from November 2019 to November 2020 to get a reconsiderarion and I had lived a year without my basic pip before I was awarded it again and got the lost year backdated - that makes it all ok doesn't it? well does it? of course not. I didn't bother to ask them to consider my mobility, but I got 10 points anyway because I can't plan a journey rtc.
Now I start again and put my existing PIP at risk. It is what it is and I asked for a copy of my previous award - promised, but not actually arrived - PIP form did though so the clock has started on my 2 weeks to complete.
Hope I havent born the pants of any poor reader.
back soon.


  • Biblioklept
    Biblioklept Community member Posts: 4,710 Disability Gamechanger
    Definitely not bored, you write really well and it's engaging <3 
    If 2 weeks isn't enough time for you to complete and return the form you can ask for an extension I think
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