LCWRA. When will my claim be from?

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I've recently been awarded LCWRA but I have a question regarding the back pay. 

I initially reported health changes in Feb 2020, just before the first covid lockdown, fit note supplied. However, due to covid lockdown the usual UC50 forms were not being generated on the system as they usually would. 
Health changes reported again in October 2020 as there was a reminder on my to do list but was told by work coach fit notes are not needed because of covid, nobody is required to look for work. 
Health changes reported twice again in 2021, but nothing came of it because my son was under 2 years old so I was required to look for work anyway. It was only in January 2022 that a UC50 form was generated and I was approved for LCWRA this week. 

My question is when will my claim be from? The initial reported changes in feb 2020 or from when the form was generated in Jan this year. 


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    I wasn't required to look for work*
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    During part of covid you were required to report the details of the fit notes and then keep hold of them in case they asked for them at a later date. Fit notes are supposed to continue to be sent without any gaps until a decision is made on your claim. 
    When you reported your health condition I don’t understand why you weren’t reminded that you would need to report another fit note. 
    This could affect the amount of money they owe you and it will be down to a decision maker to make the final decision of when it’s paid from.