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Panicked after getting stuck in a disabled toilet

BrianMcFaddenfan07 Community member Posts: 253 Pioneering
I was in town with my mum, brother, brother-in-law and auntie.
We'd been to a few places including a charity shop which was set up in memory of a local band called "Viola Beach" who along with their manager died in an accident.
The shop is called "Vintage Viola" and there is a local coffee stall (they sell more than just coffee though) that is permanently parked in the back of the shop.
We were all treated to a drink by mine n my brother's auntie (our mum's twin sister) at the coffee stand.
After we'd finished our drinks, we made our way back into the local shopping centre as myself, my auntie and brother-in-law all needed the toilet.
As myself and my auntie were making our way to the toilets (we had to use the escalator to go downstairs as there was a massive queue for the lift as only one was working). 
Once myself and my auntie had got to the toilets, I went into one disabled toilet and my auntie went into the toilet next to me.
After I'd finished on the toilet and washed my hands, I used some of my body spray to freshen myself up a bit as I was hot. Once I'd finished and I'd put my handbag on and took my mum's small bag with our coats in off the hook on the door, I went to unlock the door (I don't usually lock doors as I had a similar thing happen to me when I was in primary school), the lock on the door wouldn't open n I started to panic. 
I panicked that much I ended up crying as I was scared as I couldn't open the door, but my auntie had somehow managed to get the door open.
Once we were back upstairs, my auntie rang my mum and told her what happened.
Once we were with my mum, both my mum and brother have me a hug.
Whilst we were walking around a clothes shop, my brother said something that made me laugh and cheered me up.


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