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Feel very let down by those who I thought were there to help

summertimeblues Community member Posts: 3 Listener
Sometime ago I filled out a Scope online form, asking for help with especially my energy crisis about to hit, and mentioning how myself and my partner have zero help. Sadly after checking all my emails, there is no reply to my online form that took me a longtime to fill out. I am so despondent. That this is my first and last ever post on here. If a disablity charity feels it's best to abandon a disabled person in crisis. Then there is no way else to turn. Sadly my faith in thew human race has completely gone. And I face winter with no heating like many thousands or millions. And all my other problems will never get help. So I am unsubscribing from Scope newsletters. As there's no point. I am just a nusicance so I take the hint. And Scope wil;l hear no more.


  • Oxonlady
    Oxonlady Scope Member Posts: 566 Pioneering
    Hi @summertimeblues, sorry to hear of your troubles.
    What sort of help were you expecting from Scope? Moral support, financial support, specific advice on your conditions or claiming benefits, for example?
    Other chronically ill or disabled people who use the various Scope forums are usually quite sympathetic, supportive, friendly and offer sound advice. 
    With regards to the energy bills crisis, a lot of us are apprehensive but we will be getting some help from the government and the energy companies. Though why some of these energy giants are allowed to make such huge profits while the rest of us struggle is beyond me. 
    Are you claiming all the benefits you are entitled to? Do you have any support from your GP and Social Services?
    I'm sorry you feel disappointed so far but perhaps other forum users might be able to offer you the advice and support you need. Best wishes. 
  • Tori_Scope
    Tori_Scope Scope Campaigns Posts: 12,461 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @summertimeblues :) 

    I'm also really sorry to hear that you're feeling let down at the moment. I'd like to reassure you that we don't see you as a nuisance, and that no one at Scope wants to make you feel abandoned.

    Was this form for our Disability Energy Support service?

    I sent them an email this morning to see whether they know what might have happened, and they're not sure that they've received a referral form from you. Did you use the same email address for the form as the one you've used to sign up to the community? 

    I believe that the Service is fully booked for appointments at the moment, but you can still request email advice. You can do so by using this link, and selecting 'email advice' as your preferred channel.

    As Oxonlady has said, you're welcome to post on the community about the challenges you're facing in the meantime. We'd be happy to try and help, as many of us are in a similar position in terms of our concerns over energy bills. 

    You could also call our friendly helpline team on 0808 800 3333. They're usually open from 9am to 6pm on weekdays, and 10am to 6pm on weekends.
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  • hass
    hass Community member Posts: 193 Courageous
    Hi  oxon lady.
     After  reading  your post .
    I was  more saddened  .
    I agree  with you  somewhat.
    There is no humanity left its about  me myself and I.
    Inflating the ego .
    Even family members are like that 
    I've been having difficulties for years my situation is getting worse .
    The ship can't sink any lower.
    I wish you all the best i give you a virtual  hug.  Xx
  • hass
    hass Community member Posts: 193 Courageous
    Apologies  that was for summertime blues. 
  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Posts: 9,729 Scope online community team
    Good afternoon @hass. Thanks for sharing this and trying to support summertimeblues

    Do you mind if I ask what difficulties you've been having?
    Community Manager


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