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Hi,can you help? I'm trying to work out if I ask for ill health retirement?

pmrobb Community member Posts: 1 Listener
edited September 2022 in Work and employment
Hi I'm trying to work out if I ask for ill health retirement. I have struggled for over 5 years and currently off sick with stress. My employer which is local government is suggesting I can 'resign' and the next day they will reinstate me in another role. Is this a risky option to accept - I am thinking length of service/pension? Why would they be asking me to do this? I have also agreed to speak to the OH doctor.

I have a reasonable adjustment passport, work at home with agreement but I think the head of department wants me back in the office so the support I was getting via the RA passport is not working as well as it did during COVID and I feel this is now a vehicle to get me into the office where I know I cannot manage my health and as I am immunosupressed and vulnerable to COVID. I was go as far as to say they are deliberately not supporting me in the same way so I am out of the loop and not able to get training via MS Teams as we did during COVID. When I do ask I am just advised this is not possible.

I am very reluctant to return to the office as a was in the CEV group, I am aware many of my colleagues have repeatedly had and still get COVID.

I asked for the Reasonable Adjustment passport to support my disability not specific to COVID.

My senior manager has confirmed whilst the RA passport is in place, the agreement for me to work at home until Feb 2023 is more to do with COVID than my disabilty so really, the reason it was put in place in the first place has shifted. 

Yes I am speaking to the union but they seem more interested in helping me get a 'pay off' but I'm not sure if that is my best option at 55 years old and I feel I could work IF the RA passport really is adhered to. 

Any thoughts I am so confused?
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