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Hi, my name is binxcyber! I'm worried about my friend

binxcyber Community member Posts: 2 Listener
edited September 2022 in Mental health and wellbeing
I have a friend whose having a breakdown hospital have not helped at all due o her drinking again .. she's threatening to kill herself crisis team havnt been great either infact none of the agencies have     ghe criteria obviously has to be met she's staying with a friend of her ba y dad's whose  struggling bad .. he's had to lock her in a room she's been jumping into cars I fully believes he doesn't want to die but she doesn't know how to live anymore ... I live miles away and have bi polar myself and just had a fall so can't get to her how can I help get her sectioned on 72 hour jhold I've sent advice about 2 Dr's etc and a Dr being level 12 and then sec 52 or 3 om so worried 


  • Sue_Alumni
    Sue_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 486 Pioneering
    Good morning @binxcyber and thank you for sharing your worries about your friend. I am really sorry that they are nor getting the help they need and you must feel so powerless to help them. I'm afraid I don't have the expertise to suggest a way to help her but this information from Minds online site sets out the steps and procedures that have to be taken before someone can be sectioned under the mental health acts. 

    You obviously feel that they are in danger and you should contact the police and call 999. Are you able to contact your friend's GP.  They will not be able to share any information about your friend with you but they should at the very least log your concerns and hopefully act on them them. Would you be able to give  details of your friend's GP to the police ? Your friend might not be happy about this, but you would need to give as much information as possible to the police so that they can help her. Try and keep in touch with your friend as much as possible. 

    I am also worried about you.  Are you getting any support through this? 

    Take care and keep in touch 



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