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Hi, I'm Trebor1981! I have ADHD and am starting a non-profit business to help others

Trebor1981 Community member Posts: 1 Listener
edited October 2022 in Autism and neurodiversity
Hello all am new to all this but this is something I am doing to search for support in what I am going to be doing in very near future I mean next week or two so after long hard effort put into this after years of no support and got this far on my own let’s start with I wasn’t dealt the greatest of hands growing up also was a very disruptive child right upto adult years no education minimum to none education through out I am one of six siblings I wasn’t best child that for sure I brought that much trouble and drama to home fighting constantly always being mentioned in home town and further a way might of been good at times in fact can tell many stories to this day we all been in one or two or many situations but after leaving school with no care and attitude on shoulders still doing same stuff up until 20s until a opportunity came along and a reason this changed was because I was approached in a way that not many people can actually do but I was overwhelmed by how this family member changed me I went on to become a joiner and own company until 10 years ago I had a few episodes in life nobody not even me could explain I got told had lifetime adhd which explains a lot but this lead me to be working successfully but it’s struggle so av decided to literally give up on everything my business my work everything because it wasn’t exciting me I lost spark so av decided to set up a non profit business helping and challenging the job centre and local government because I think there is a high percentage of people who actually can and do want to work but they put down and put off because of the approach the job centre applies on these unlucky but also perfect people me personally I reckon if get opportunity with them that one person in this situation for half hour appointments with them then same person same time with me I can actually make a difference the government miss vital things towards this they make it about them not the actual person who in the situation things need to about a personal interest and needs jobs of interest jobs of interest of when young even hobbies can become jobs there to much pressure applied from them in short time at appointments to express what you all want obviously it’s more money working then benefits but some people can’t because illness or commitment to children but should be allowed to express this and given time to understand opportunities and plans to see what works for everyone working not about money it’s a self worth it’s a confidence thing something for kids to look upto you for also give them belief in them self we going to be helping young ones make sense of not worth of hours days night on streets they need help understanding followers like sheep won’t gain a platform to build a future it only gives out a educational bad attitude to not being confident to actually do what they actually have thoughts and dreams and passion for to do spoken to local mp various support workers even my own and council to get a journey like this going and supported so if please can share all comments and views don’t worry I have thick skin can take positive and none positive even if comments towards my grammar feel free like a said at start we all got dealt different hands in life but my confidences is flying so any bad comments will only effect your own self worth this story and adventure is about supporting us all not negative stuff I won’t tolerate hate or bullying on my post cheers 


  • SueHeath
    SueHeath Community member Posts: 12,420 Disability Gamechanger
    Wow that was along read for me, i hope i took it all in ha ha.
    Well done that you have turned your life around, it doesn't sound like you have the help or wanted it when you were younger. 
    When you had your business did you take on any youth to help them learn a trade, i think that would be a good part of helping them, like they do with some schools now when kids can't handle main stream education.
    Good luck with your venture. 
  • Jo_2022
    Jo_2022 Community Volunteer Host Posts: 298 Pioneering
    Hello @Trebor1981:)  :) A warm welcome to you on the Scope online community!

    Congratulations for all your achievements despite your ADHD!!! It is excellent that you worked as a joiner and made a bright future for yourself.

    Yes, life is not always fair and I feel people with learning difficulties, or people from underprivileged backgrounds do not get enough support to thrive as adults.

    You are doing something amazing by setting up a non profit organisation. I wish you success with this new endeavor!

    When you had an ADHD Assessment did they offer you any medication or counselling? Perhaps asking for some help with your ADHD symptoms might be helpful for you?                                

    Community Volunteer Host with a passion for human rights.

    Please note: if I use the online community outside of its hours of administration, I am doing so in a personal capacity only.

  • Cher_Alumni
    Cher_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,741 Disability Gamechanger
    @Trebor1981 And a warm welcome from me too! How are you doing? 

    Your passion and enthusiasm for this new venture really stood out to me in reading your post, I can tell how much it means to you as someone with lived experience of ADHD and working hard to carve out a career against the odds. Do you have support from others in helping you start your non-profit business? And will you be able to financially manage giving your business up? You don't have to answer this question if you'd rather not, however we want you to be secure so make sure you have that stability behind you  <3

    Also, I'm sure our members will be nothing but supportive of your aspirations. If ever you are on the community and want to report something which you feel is not in line with our community house rules though, please click the little flag symbol underneath posts to do this. We want this to be, and remain, a safe, friendly space for all.

    Good luck and please keep us updated along the way of this exciting journey! 

    PS - Just to let you know I slightly amended your thread title to help others spot it and moved it to our Autism and neurodiversity category to make it more visible to those with ADHD.
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