*Update on Daughter*

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Hi All
Thank you so much for all you messages of support to my 1st post I have taken much comfort from them.
Well this week has been tough! Kids have their 1st week off school and to be honest my daughter could not have 2 better kids (Boys 12 & 13) They are so loving and caring after their mum it melts my heart. She is worried though that they are doing too much and need to be kids! I told her not to worry they help because they want to.

I have just finished work myself for a week, so hopefully things will be a bit easier this coming week. My Daughter has had a text off DWP to say they have her written assessment and will be making decision so hopefully she will be able to get more help fingers crossed.

Yesterday was an horrendous day, She has the panic attacks of all panic attacks which left her totally exhausted. It is really tearing myself and my husband up seeing her like this from what she used to be. To be honest feel a bit useless when this happens.

My husband has been just an hour ago and due to her psoriasis he skin on palms and fingers is literally peeling off!!! her hands are so sore she cannot use them. Called the doctors and awaiting them calling back.

I thought I would write just while I have my cuppa before I go round for the day!
Thanks so much for listening & take care
Joyce x 


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    Thanks for the update @JF53 :) 

    Do you and the family have any plans for the remainder of the school holidays, seeing as you'll be off of work? 

    How's your daughter feeling after her panic attack last week? 

    Did you end up hearing back from the doctor about her psoriasis?

    I hope that you enjoyed your cuppa, and that things are a little more gentle for you today.

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