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Hi, my name is brett75!

brett75 Member Posts: 8 Listener
I look normal so no one think's I have a emotional and metal health problems, I even feel that I don't even get help when I scream out for it these day's. 


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    Hi @brett75 welcome to the community, it can be really tough when you feel misunderstood.  This community is a lovely and safe space to chat and share your experiences.
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  • steve51
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    Hi @brett75

    A very big welcome to you !!!!!!!!

    "Yes yes yes"

    I suffered my Stroke in 1998, ever since that day I have always been told "You look Well"

    It's the "Hidden Disabilites" people don't see so they "rightly or wrongly" assume that you are fine !!!!!!!!

    Please Please Scream in my Direction if that will Help !!!!!
  • middleone1
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    Hi I have had a stroke aswell so i know what you are feeling just living with the fear of having another really gets to me , if you need to talk i am here
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