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hi, my son is 3 non verbal and I strongly suspect he is autistic. 
His nursery is lovely and very understanding, he has speech therapy once a week and his therapist is so nice and we all seem to be on the same page with his progression, however, to start school with the one on one support he will need I'm told I need a diagnosis!
I don't want to rock the boat as everyone I'm working with is doing their best for my boy but I'm not seeing a peadatrician and no one seems to take us too seriously as he is such a good boy!
I would just like a bit of advice on how others got a diagnosis?
i hope this is ok to ask I'm only recently accepting what's going on and I'm learning everyday, trying to find support and understanding.

thanks x


  • Amzyh
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    my son was recently diagnosed with ASD when he was 3, he just turned 4 now.
    You need a referral. My son's referral was made when we had a group meeting with Senco(special educational needs coordinator), his speech therapist,and  his nursery teacher. We all agreed on it and a referral was made to a specialist hospital. Your Senco or speech therapist will tell you which one to make it to.
    Am not saying your son is Autistic but if you have concerns am afraid you have to push things or nothing really ever gets done. They make alot of excuses due to  cuts or staff shortages. 
    I understand what you mean by the teachers and speech therapists being nice and helpful and not wanting to rock the boat, cos mine are also very friendly but they still need to be pushed to get things done.
    Hopefully you can ask the Speech therapists or Senco about the next steps and arrange a meeting.
    Hope this helps and If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

    Wish you all the best.
  • laura130887
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    Thank you. I have a meeting with the schools senco next week so I will ask if we can arrange a group meeting and what I need for a referral.

    Thank you again for the advice I want to be as informed as possible when talking to all these people!
  • poppy123456
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    My daughter was exactly like your son at his age (she's 16 now) she didn't speak until she was 5, couldn't read or write until after the age of 7. I spent most of her life fighting the system because no one beleived that there was anything wrong other than just being a very shy girl. She did have a little help at school with maths and a few other lessons. She can read and write now but most other things in life she striggles with. I continued to fight because i knew deep down that there was something wrong. In the past 6 months she's been diagnosed with Social anxiety disorder of childhood, learning disability, and possible ASD of which we are currently waiting for an assessment. The waiting list for this in my area is 4/5 months and we're 2 month into this. We're also currently in the process of having a EHCP drawn up, she's attending college and has 1 to 1 at all times. If you think there's something wrong then push as much as you can. It's harder for girls to be diagnosed so this is on your side. Don't give up and let your son fall through the net like my daughter was. Good luck.