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Hi, my name is JoanneH!

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I am enquiring about the benefit system as I have recently become unwell and am trying to keep working but am finding it increasingly difficult and am wondering if you would be able to help


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    Hi @JoanneH, welcome to the community!

    Do you have any specific questions in mind? If you're at the application stage, have a look at the online benefits calculator to see what you might be entitled to. Scope have some useful tips and guidance on the PIP process that you might like to take a look at.

    Keep us updated on your progress: there are many members of the community who've also gone through the process who are happy to help, and also specialist advisors who can lend their support. Hope this helps and have a lovely day!
  • JoanneH
    JoanneH Member Posts: 2 Listener

    I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and my symptoms are pain in joints and general pain everywhere at intervals when I find it difficult to walk.  I have an overwhelming tiredness most of the time and today have been advised I have a kidney infection which comes and goes regularly.  There are episodes when I am unable to get out of bed without assistance due to the pain in my body.

    I am in a full time job and have held this post for many years.  When I am unable to attend I have taken holidays to try and cover my absenteeism but I feel my symptoms are getting worse.  I am sure many of you here on this site have much more debilitating illnesses and I am contacting you hoping you may be able to offer some advice through your own experience.

    I  would like to continue working and have been approached by my employers if I could reduce my hours to suit my condition.  However this would not be possible financially as I am single, with a daughter of 19  diagnosed with Autism.   She attends college and still lives with me. 

    I have not yet approached the benefits system as I am unsure who I would bring my situation to or if I would be eligible.   My illness began over a year ago and is getting worse I feel.  If anyone can provide some advice it would be most appreciated.


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    Hi again @JoanneH

    So sorry to hear that things are tough at the moment - I'm sure there will be many other members of the community who can empathise and offer their advice. Regardless of whether others have more debilitating conditions, you have a right to support for your own situation too.

    You might also be interested in our chronic pain category for tips on how our members cope with pain on a day to day basis. 


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