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ESA assessment

clare_1 Member Posts: 123 Pioneering
Hello I wonder if I can get some advice.
I have not long got in from my ESA assessment, I went to the wrong building and they sent me to the right one. 
When I got to the building they didn't check my I'D, didn't ask if I wanted a form for my travel, I didn't sign any paperwork like did before.
 They sent me straight in the room, didn't bother looking at my doctors notes and my symptoms where it explains I find it hard to speak. My mum tyres giving her my passport and she said I don't need that.
The lady kept saying she couldn't hear me so that made me panic and when I spoke it came out really loud, my mum had to speak on my behalf most of it.
At one point beacuse I broke down. I was rushed and she said she only had a set time slot, when I went to one before they said they allow 30 minutes for you to get there plus the assessment. Just felt like it as the end of the day and they all wanted to get home.
The lady even said she didn't want to continue because I was to distressed,she wanted me to get a letter from my doctor to say I can have a home visit.
I didn't see the point in going there and then coming all way home to worried about the outcome of it and then an other appointment to be made.
Any advice would be great



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