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Hi violet.

I was wondering I have sourced councilling prior to getting a formal diagnosis. As it takes up to 12 months to even get an initial appointment.

I am 26 and am 100% sure I am on the ASD spectrum. I was wondering if you knew of any places in the UK where you can get councilling paid for or assisted with. As I am purely using it to assist with interactions and for a high level job.


  • Pippa_Alumni
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    Hi @Anaaspie, and welcome! I've moved your post into the Ask an ASD Advisor category.

    When you say for a high level job, do you mean to help you into employment? If so, you may also like to find out more about Scope's Support to Work programme. Have a great day!
  • VioletFenn
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    Hi @Anaaspie

    The first step would be to speak to your GP and ask what resources are available in your area. I've never heard of counselling being offered purely for ASD-related issues, but you might be able to access it if you argue that it is causing you anxiety.

    Most of us have had to work it out as we've gone along, sadly - but it doesn't mean things are impossible. I have both ASD and a chronic anxiety disorder (I'm also suspected of having ADHD), but manage to work as a freelance journalist - being autistic definitely doesn't stop you doing a professional job if you have the ability and desire to do so. It's difficult, but by working with my issues rather than against them (i.e. I am self employed because it gives me leeway that employment wouldn't), I manage to get by.

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