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Autism & many other diagnosis. Need help with pip.

alexgallagherr Member Posts: 1 Listener
im a 21 year old who’s had pip his whole teen life. But this was stopped in late 2016, since then I have been fighting to get it back but with no luck. I have been diagnosed with autism, Aspergers, dyspraxia, add, adhd, agrephobia, anxiety, clinical depression, bi polar, speech inpediment, low of hearing, color blind. I’m not able to work due to panic attacks in public situations and cannot drive due to dyspraxia. I have so much evidence (hundreds of papers) to prove my claim, but I believe I’m not doing any of this the correct way on my own. Is there any way for professionals help with this situation as I already have difficulties getting out and about. 

Thanks for reading.

- Alex