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Hi all sent everything off for tribunal report just wondering if anyone knows how long this process takes and if you can get a decision before going to the tribunal 


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    Hi @cher77,

    It's difficult to predict how long the waiting period will be as it varies so much from place to place, but from others' posts and experiences it seems to be taking a minimum of at least 12 weeks at the moment. You may like to check out our benefit advisor's responses on this past discussion about what you can be doing in the meantime. Fingers crossed for you!
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    Hi I have to go for a tribunal hearing on the 12th this month. I had my sevear disability stopped but the letter I had from them says it's for the employment support allowance reassessment? They haven't said anything about my DLA. I am such a nervous person and when put in situations where I have to talk and be questioned my mind goes blank. I can't even remember my name or address or silly things. I am really starting to panic and I'm feeling sick already. My brother is taking me and said he will talk on my behalf. Will this be allowed? Has anyone got any tips for us to make things more bearable please? Any advice or tips will be great. Thank you. 


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