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Availability/provision of dosage syringes for baclofen

Hi all, my daughter has recently started Baclofen. The starting dose was 1ml, to increase to 2ml then 3ml over a period of time.
My question is, has any one struggled to get dosage syringes with the baclofen?
For the last two prescriptions I have not been given any syringes to enable me to measure out the correct dose! I had to resort to purchasing my own at a cost of £1/syringe which literally have lasted 2 weeks.
The pharmacist could only provide medicine spoons (2.5ml/5ml) which obviously I couldn’t use.
I have phoned the doctors who have provided me two from their chemist after i explained the predicament but considering this medicine is ongoing and is given 4 times a day I seriously need a better solution and guidance as to why I am not provided the dosage syringes in the first place!

Another battle I can do without, Any advice and help appreciated!