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DLA stopped to change to PIP and has been refused

chele17 Member Posts: 2 Listener
My brother has suffered with epilepsy since the age of 9 after getting hit in the face with a golf club. It was finally diagnosed when he was 15. He claimed dla when he was in his twenties and my mum received carers allowance for him. Sadly my mum passed away in 2014 which meant my brother had to manage on his own. They wrote to him saying that they were changing dla over to pip. He got someone to help him fill out the forms but he was refused saying he was no longer entitled to it. His income support was also changed over to Esa and they placed him in the work related group and told him he was capable of holding down a job. This is causing him undue stress as he has grand mal and peti mal fits and has limited use of his right shoulder, due to always landing on that shoulder when he fits and has had an unsuccessful shoulder stabilisation operation. Can anyone shed some light please on whether this sounds right or wrong. 


  • magunra2k
    magunra2k Member Posts: 45 Connected
    does it sound right? No, is it unusual ,sadly No, having read up alot on similar cases in the last 6 months it seems there is a culture of shoving people into the work related group and forcing them to appeal out of it, my brother is a very obvious low functioning Downs Sydrome with multiple physical problems ,health issues and requires 24 hour care, the system managed to decide he was fit for work on his first application 6 months ago. 
    he needs to file a mandatory reconsideration, the way to do that can be found on here i believe, he may require help and it may need medical records and such,but he needs to fight it.
  • Pippa_Alumni
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    Hi @chele17, so sorry to hear about your experience- it sounds like a lot of unnecessary strain on you and your family. How long ago was your brother told he was no longer entitled to these benefits? Are you appealing the decision? 
  • RSW665
    RSW665 Member Posts: 14 Listener
    continue to appeal, ask for the forms again, go to your local jobcentre plus, there are members of staff there who are experienced in helping people fill out the forms, or you could try the citizens advice bereau.


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