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Back pain

My bk pain is that painful I can't go out plus the pain goes up my right arm to my shoulder.I'm breathless walking up stairs ..doctors I'm with isn't doing anything..I need second opinion asap.thanx x


  • Richard_Scope
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    Hi @xxdebzxx
    Really sorry to read that you are in pain and having a tough time at the moment. Firstly, I want to extend a warm welcome to the community, there will be people who share similar experience to you. Secondly, please click on these links to see discussions on back pain here and reference to specialist pain clinics provided by the NHS here
    I hope those links will be of help. 

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  • Barbiesnemesis
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    @xxdebzxx I can totally sympathise with you on the back pain - I was given 1 appointment with a physio! Needless to say, that didn't sort it out! What my friend advised me to do is ask to be referred by your doctor to a back pain specialist. I wonder if that might help you get some more considered treatment. Also, find out about any pain clinics or pain management courses in your area.
  • Delicious_Deborah
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    Hello.. My disability is back & spinal related too so I totally understand the frustration u may feel. Various  Doctors/hospitals have tried a variety of things to help me but in the end they have simply settled with prescribing me with various prescription drugs & telling me that I simply have to learn to deal with it!! My disability  will never improve but instead will only deteriate in time so if I struggle on a daily basis now, I dread to think what the future entails!!
     You definitely need to get a 2nd/3rd/4th doctor opinions as alot of the doctors only gestimate what the problem may be & do alot of process by elimination! For many months my doctor was overdosing me (I was very lucky to have not had any seizures or died) so I know how important it is to simply not rely on 1 Doctor  (as seeing a different Doctor 1 day saved my life & stopped overdosing me)