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Long term sickness

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hi . My ssp runs out in April. I cannot go back to work due to deterioration of my condition. What happens with regards to finishing work. i am just waiting to see what my employer does before I put an ESA claim in. Any help with this would be helpful.


  • debsidoo
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    Hi Lindylou63
    I recommend you look at the benefits and work site they have self tests to see if you would qualify for esa and pip.If you feel you do then apply to the DWP.
    Get help to fill out the forms if you are unsure.CAB are very helpful in this.
    Remember to include any medical evidence you have to support your claim,it helps if you can get written statements from anyone who helps you with daily living,careers family members etc.Also remember it’s not what you have but how it impacts on your daily life.
  • lyndylou63
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    Thanks for that. I already claim pip . I just wondered how giving my job up or being dismissed will affect esa

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    Hi @lyndylou63

    Many thanks for your question and i hope you are well at this moment in time.
    I would advice you to ring our help line on 0809 800 3333 or email [email protected] & ask to speak to one of our Benefit advisors.

    If you are currently receiving Statutory Sick Pay and its coming to an end and your employer cannot continue to pay this, you can get your employer to fill out a SSP1 form which you can find from the citizens advice website HERE  to support your claim for ESA. once completed you can make your claim for ESA a couple of weeks in advance of your SSP ending.
    If would like more information, contact the Scope helpline on the number provided above.
    You can use the following Benefit Calculator to see if you would be eligible to claim for ESA.
    hope that helps
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    Hello @lyndylou63   Pleased to meet you Welcome.  First thing you need to do is to make a claim for ESA .  Seek help and advice regarding that through DWP.  Speak to SCOPE advisors or consider talking to welfare rights or CAB .

    Please also be aware of stating any redundancy payments, income and other sources of income.  Such as savings  If you are married does your partner work.. Health you need to say on the form you receive.  How is the condition or you health is effecting you on your worse day.

    Keep answers concise.  Clear and try to make statements from friends or any help from medical professionals in your form count.

    Speak to your Doctor or who is supporting you.

    Please take some time to evaluate your situation.  Needs and what financial future holds for you  It might be worth looking at your living costs and household finances.  If getting a pension from your employer will that be enough, will that impact on my future.

    Especially if you get redundancy or other payments from your employment. Income or savings. These could effect the amount of benefit you could get.

    Also remember seek help from a financial advisor.

    Hope any of this helps

    Take care

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