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Endometriosis and work

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Hi all,

I am new to this community. I am just looking for a bit of advice in regards to work and my condition.

I have suffered with endometriosis for many years but was only officially diagnosed in 2016 via laparoscopy. I  have been in constant pain for a very long time which was affecting my mobility.  I am currently off work again while I recover from my 2nd laparoscopy surgery to remove the endometriosis (again).

I am just wondering if there's any support for me when it comes to work? I know when I go back I will have a review of my absence and they will place a sanction against me although this was a planned surgery.

I also have aspergers and am currently stressing myself out by obsessing over what is going to happen when I go back to work. I struggle in these absence meetings as I get worked up I get upset or can come across quite defensive. I don't want to lose but I feel its a bit unfair I get sanctioned when my absence is due to a condition that is incurable and out of my control.  I manage it best I can and never take time off work if my pain is bad etc I go to work.

Is there anything that can support me in my meeting? I'd be grateful for any advice.

Thank you

M x