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Pain but penalised by PIP

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I'm in constant pain 24hrs a day 7 Day a week but I'm penalised because I have 6 children .not all biological I'm on strong pain killers to ease pain but I'm in catch 22 I need the pain killers due to pain but if have them makes me drowsy which then then my children social worker tries to accues me of neglect because I have mobility problems aswell as depression and anxiety I just don't know which way to turn 


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    As Mike says, it would be good to understand a bit better but I think you're saying that you can't take the painkillers because you wouldn't be able to look after your children, but the DWP response to your PIP claim would be that you can do everything if you take the painkillers? Perhaps one response to that would be that if you took them, they make you so drowsy you wouldn't be able to do many of the PIP activities safely, or within a reasonable time?

    And if you don't take them because of your children, you could think about how that leaves you with regard to the activities - perhaps you can't do them because of the pain? Or perhaps that makes you slower? If you've been turned down for PIP, you could consider challenging the decision, or alternatively (especially if it was over 13 months ago), consider making a new claim with some help from a CAB or disability advice centre? Will
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