Dealing with chronic pain
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Fibromyalgia, hypermobility syndrome, sciatica

poskit16kposkit16k Member Posts: 1 Listener
edited February 2018 in Dealing with chronic pain
Hi Everyone,my name is Andrea
 I have suffered with Fibromyalgia/Hypermobiity Syndrome and Sciatica in Both Legs for the past 19 years! Plus other health issues that have come along as i have got older. It took 6 years before i was diagnosed with Fibro.
It used to really get me down! The Exhaustion and constant pain ect i went from leading a fulfilling  busy active life!  Full time job! 3 children! Activities- Horse-riding! Step Aerobics 2-3 Swimming almost every day!To not been able to get out of bed most days!


  • Lasian_AlumniLasian_Alumni Member Posts: 660 Pioneering
    Welcome to the community @poskit16k!

    I have moved this post over to our dealing with chronic pain group, so that other members with similar experiences will be able to comment. I hope this is okay! 

    Please do let us know if there is anything we can help or support you with.
  • Pippa_AlumniPippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,851 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @poskit16k, and welcome! Great to have you here.

    Living with pain and fatigue can be really frustrating, I've been through the complete change in lifestyle myself when I acquired a chronic illness and I really feel for you. Just to add to Lasian's comment, we also have a chronic pain advisor who you may like to chat to. If we can be of any assistance just let us know, and I hope today is as kind as possible to you!

  • AnthAnth Member Posts: 9 Listener
    Hi, I'm Anth and I have suffered chronic pain for many years but was only diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 6 yrs ago after years of roving pain that came and went..when I reflect on my life I can remember telling my mum at Age 6 that my arms and legs hurt so bad..I also suffered migraine from age 5 and that was a constant and one that was extremely debilitating through the my life..I started having allergies at a young age also..I remember tomatoes and oranges triggering migraines, having skin rash and itching too. Then it was antibiotics, slowly I have eliminated things that I can't take or be in contact with because they cause reactions..I've managed to get to the grand age of 71 without the meds and have found alternatives non invasive methods that help me..we are all different and one package doesn't fit's trial and error and finding what suits you. Want to encourage everyone to stay positive despite the difficulties and to look for alternatives that suit your needs.
  • debbiedo49debbiedo49 Member Posts: 2,906 Disability Gamechanger
    @Anth what have you tried?
    I am a fibro warrior !💜♏️
  • AnthAnth Member Posts: 9 Listener
    Hi debbiedo49.
    so sorry for late reply..I've not been so good lately.
    i find ActiPatch helps reduce my's a non invasive electro magnetic device that acts on the pain area when's not a patch as such but a loop wire with a small battery switch that you can turn on and off..I trialed it with others at a Fibro group I'm a member of and have stuck with it..the good news is that from beginning of April 2018 it will now be available on prescription..NICe just OKd it after a petition by Fibro sufferers was discussed in the commons by an MP who was interested in Fibromyalgia.
    i also find heat helps me..I have a heated throw, heated cape and microwave heat bags I use..
    so far I've found nothing to help my allergies and the rash and itching I suffer on a daily basis..I'm taking 180 mgs Fexafenodine daily..but tbh it isn't working..I find a cool shower and pat dry soothes the skin and am applying aloe Vera lotion at moment..Drs just prescribe emollients for dry itchy skin which don't give any relief..I'm going nuts at moment with my skin..back to Drs this week..going to ask for referral to skin specialist.
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