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I started a degree course and got around half way through it. I had atough time but worked through itthen I got ill with cronic pain arthritis and eventually cancer. I kept the uni informed throughout and took time off. I should go back in September but still have fibromyalgia, sleep aponea, arthritis in all joints and exhaustion. I don't feel as if I am fit to go back. I have a fit note to cover me until feb 2019. What will happen if I don't return. Help required please k


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    I hope @melaniethorley will be able to offer some ideas and suport soon,
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    Good afternoon David and apologies for the delay in replying - I have been on leave. Different universities have different rules. You might want to consider transferring your credits to a university which offers your course via distance learning, or you could go part time. If you do not feel ready to attend,  the best course of action to take is to not return. You do need to listen to your body. However, I know lots of students in your situation who say going to university is the best thing ever, and it is worth the sweat and tears. You may be able to manage your health better by September, or at least have a plan which will make university possible. As long as you were not studying a course with compulsory attendance, you have the option of asking for the PowerPoint presentations and lecture notes in advance which will be of enormous benefit - especially if you are too ill to attend lectures etc. It might also be worth audio recording the lectures to save you taking notes. And you can utilise assistive technology, such as speech-to-text software which will save you writing lecture notes.

    Does any of this help at all?

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    Thank you very much for your time. I will take in what you say and will let you know the outcome.