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Hi, from an older person with mild CP

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Hello everyone,

I signed up because I am experiencing more problems as I get older. I am 63 and although, when younger, had relatively few symptoms, - pain and inflammation, jerkiness, coordination, balance and awkwardness - as I have got older, uneven wear on my body seems to be causing more and more complications. 20 years ago I had carpal tunnel operations; progressive non-ankylosing spondylosis and other types of osteoarthritis resulted in 2004 in my losing motor control over muscles in my right leg. I use some assistive technology, for example I am dictating this. More recently I seem to fall by tripping over nothing quite regularly. Two weeks ago I tripped over and in putting my hand out to stop my fall had excruciating pain all up my left arm which has since swollen and developed a suspected blood clot.

I would like to know if other people with relatively mild CP have similar experiences and how they manage them. In particular relaxation techniques or exercises to stop my body being continually in high alert and constantly re-tensing itself. I already do meditation and some tai chi, as much as balance allows but this doesn't seem to help with what happens from one second to another, perhaps it is to do with mindfulness? 

Thank you very much in advance.


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    Hi DavidOnline , thanks for sharing your story. I have cerebral palsy and I'm in my twenties, so although I can't completely relate with your experiences there are some things That ring true with me. As I've gotten older I have struggled more with pain and fatigue in particular. I also have a severe kyphotic curve which of course causes additional problems and is thought to be related to the cerebral palsy. As I understand it since the body is under more strain due to the effects of cp, it can advance the ageing process. I hope others can share their experiences but i am more than happy to share mine :)
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    Hi htlcy.

    kyphotic, I had to look that up, you learn some great words in this game don't you? Yes, it's my experience that all abnormal movements which put uneven wear and tear on structure, bones, ligaments, etc will gradually cause further problems over time as the body adapts in the best way that it can to the distortions in the normal skeletal structure. In my case this is a forms of arthritis, inflammation, etc come at the worst consequence of which so far has been the severence of the motor nerve to my right leg. My own mitigation and adaptation has included the judicious use of Meloxicam NSAID, swimming, yoga, chi gung, anything which can help rebalance and compensate.

    My mother taught me as a child that there is no such word as can't. I had physiotherapy and was given exercises. I've always thought this self-help, physical exercise, is a good thing. In fact when I look at so-called normal people and the way they treat their bodies I'm amazed, sometimes, I feel it is a blessing that I have this condition, and have learnt to maintain their own level of fitness despite the issues. Your fate is in your hands.
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    Sorry, instead of their own level I meant to write my level. It is the voice recognition software that I use me not noticing it.