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My first post....



  • DenceNucliaAtom
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    I think for me I try not to look at it as practicing. Because I don’t play for any perpose and don’t really play any songs to other people I don’t consider and playing as “practice” there are no wrong notes on the keyboard much is left up to the mind of the beholder.  Sometimes I sit there and just like the sound of single notes. Possibly the keyboard isn’t for you though. There are lots of other instruments or there and I find when you find the right one it just makes that little bit more sense. It sounds like you have a good ear as you enjoy listening to music. Maybe a smaller lighter less intimidating instrument would work better for you. 
  • JennysDad
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    Hi DNA (a clever nickname that)
    and thank you for your reply. The keyboard isn't a problem except that I don't have a lot of room for it in my current accommodation and I need to practise pretty much every day to keep my fingers trained and exercised. Big hands and long fingers make the keyboard very accessible to me. I think I've got a mild, creeping arthritis coming into my hands (or it could be RSI from typing) so it gets to be harder work. And most of my spare time, now, is spent either out in the local parks, feeding birds and squirrels or taking photos. Most of the time it's feeding the wildlife because I take a half ton of photographic kit with me and then get totally absorbed in the furred and feathered folk. And much of the rest of my time is spent here on the Scope community where, to be honest, I've 'met' some of the best, most courageous and most talented people I've ever known.
    I do have a very varied taste in music (I think :smile: ) though my top favourites tend to be movie themes and classical. You have any particular favourite genres?
    Lovely to chat with you,