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Have the rules been changed about bedroom tax?

KylieGirlKylieGirl Member Posts: 12 Connected
Hi everyone

I have CP and my husband has been my full-time carer since 2010. That was the year we moved into a wheelchair accessible bungalow. The thing about wheelchair standard bungalows is, they all have two bedrooms in Milton Keynes. Therefore, we have had to pay the Bedroom Tax ever since it came in.

For first year or so after we moved in, we were sharing a bed but unfortunately, eventually I needed hospital style bed. I miss being together so much and believe me, if we had a choice we would be sharing.

I checked the government website last week, and it looks like someone who can't share because of disability is exempt from paying, am I correct? If so, are we likely to be able to get any back pay? I very much doubt it but I wouldn't know who to approach about that, the housing association or the council?

Thank you so much for your time

Kyliegirl 😀


  • kimbenson21kimbenson21 Member Posts: 15 Connected
    Hi @KylieGirl, yes if you have to have separate bedrooms then you will not have to pay for the extra room. You should write to your housing benefit dept and explain the situation. They should then be able to adjust your benefit. I'm not too sure about the back money, but you could always explain to them why you believe they owe you money. I wrote to my H/B office and explained about the new rules that I can't share a bedroom with my husband, so now I only have to pay 15%.
    Good luck.
  • mehrfarbigmehrfarbig Member Posts: 33 Connected
    Back pay will only be paid if you can show how long you've been sleeping apart for. 
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