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Knee joint pain (both)

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Hi all, My name is Ron and I have severe pain at the top of both knee joints, especially when going from sitting to standing, I've already had X-rays on both knees, showing signs of heavy wear after many years of physical hard work on offshore oil rigs, doc has given me co-codamol to help with the pain but these have their own knock on effects, I am overweight now and I know that this doesn't help, so ! does anyone have any advice ? do any of these support bandages /aids help as it looks like my knees will have to crumble away before any help is given. 

Regards.   .  Ron 


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    Hi @Twixer

    Have you ever been referred to a pain clinic? If you find you're having difficulty managing your pain, ask your GP for a referral to a specialist pain clinic.

    Pain clinics offer a wide range of treatments and support. They aim to support you in developing self-help skills to control and relieve your pain.

    Treatments may include:

    • medication
    • pain-relief injections
    • manual therapy
    • exercise
    • TENS machines
    • complementary therapy
    • psychological therapy
    Your doctor may also be able to advice on weight loss and exercises that might help?

    Let us know how you get on :)
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    I have same problem Ten machine's are amazing keep it on till numbs the pain. I also take CBD oil from Holland & Barrett takes about a month to get working in system , Turmeric & Black pepper this also helps with inflammation #Glucosamine & Chrondrotin (#this was advised by my pain clinic at hospital. 
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    I have damage to both knees. Started when I was 15 and a brick S/House of a prop. Tried to sidestep and ended up with a knee bent at right angles sideways. Many dislocations followed.

    In my early thirties my left knee also started dislocating. It was just worn out compensating for the right.

    Consequently I couldn't lift with my knees and my back took the strain.

    Pain has been constant for many years (I'm now 63). I have been on pain relief for many years and also tried all of the alternatives.

    I became so used to pain that I have refused pain relief to have bones set.

    And that describes what an indoctrinated idiot I had become until my doctor retired 5 years ago. With my past doctor there had always been the 'discussion' about reducing pain relief, to retain even the same level was a constant worry.

    My new doctor had an entirely different attitude, probably because he was also an addiction and drugs specialist for the Local Police.

    His first comment was 'I can't understand why you have nothing for break through pain.'. And the consultation improved from then on.

    I am now on a mix of Codeine, Paracetamol and Morphine. These do not kill the pain (I hate the term pain killers!) but take enough of the top edge off so that I can sleep and get around.

    My physical and mental health has improved dramatically. I have lost a lot of weight and am able to eat more, just because I can move around and probably get enough sleep.

    There is a tremendous amount of bunkum being published by the media about addiction to pain medication. The problem is in the USA NOT the UK.

    People are not supposed to live in pain and being a 'disabled hero' only helps cut the drugs budget for HMG.

    I have been very lucky. Unfortunately due to false news we may have the situation faced by my wife's great aunt in California. Due to the idiocy of the powers that be she has had her pain relief reduced due to the fear of addiction paranoia. She cries herself to sleep and cries in her sleep. Her doctor will not supply better medication as he is afraid she may become addicted from long term use. She is 94 years old. Unfortunately she is also indoctrinated and cannot bring herself to take legally available Cannabis which would be a great help.


    P.S. On the subject of knee bandages - the elastic ones can actually cause harm by bunching up at the back of the knee and restricting blood flow. I have had a few of the NHS prescribed braces and am not impressed..... I now use two cti edge braces that are used by American footballers to prevent injury and dislocation. That is what they do for me and they are well worth the about £700 each they cost. Worn all day they last about 5 to 7 years before replacement. Having worked on the rigs you probably know a lot more about mechanical stuff than me so have a shuftie at the joint construction and compare it with the NHS Donjoy I don't think the NHS investigators know much about mechanics......
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    Hi there
    I can   fully   understand   what   pain   u having    as i had a full knee replacement and a   car accident my left leg   is   pretty damaged   plates screws   and other metals are in my   leg   to   let   me   move   it , yes   i was given  Mepdid   from my   GP and   1000mmg of   Paracetamol  even   eating them still was in agony   so   my   friend   gave   me   red   flower oil she is   chinese  , its a herbal tinkture , smells like petrolium but   has a lot of  herbal goodies in there including winter green   u   massage it   onto your leg   it will get   very warm   in its tickling   , but it goes straight   to   the    pain, and   you be   able to walk up to   6 hrs   before it   wares off, you   can get   it   from   a   chinese   herbal store   and   it   is   called   red flower   oil , wash ur   hands   after as its   very   strong, i   use it   now   for   years   as   i   hate   painkillers and   the   chemical which   are   in those   pills
     try it,   u   might get   some   relieve.
    Gudrun Clark