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Hi, my name is Caroxley!

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I have age related sight and hearing related impairments but the thing that wrecks my life is the pain I am in. I have oesteoartritis, spondulitis, which causes the constant pain I am in. I am always tired and I struggle just to get through each day. I suffer with depression, also caused by constant pain. 
I receive ESA and am in the unable to work group, as well as PIP (after being on DLA supposedly for life, for about 13 years). I had to retire from work due to ill health in 2008 and am in receipt of my work pension. As I am a WASPIE I am unable to retire until I am 66 despite this government promising the rise in age  to obtain your State Pension would be gradual. Mine went from being able to retire at 60 to 66 in one huge step! 
I live alone in an upstairs flat provided by First Choice Homes who used to be the council.
Luckily I share my life with a lovely black and white cat called Rio. I rehomed him when he was 9 months old and he is now 12 years old. B)???