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Problems with NHS

Disabled people are having a lot of problems with GP’s unable to get appointments, unable to get GP to do a home visit when they are housebound, refusing to give out medication such as sleeping medication so making their patients seriously ill in health, refusing to refer the patients to consultants.

Taking far too long to get into Pain Clinic appointments up to 3-6 months?

A long time to get the surgery they are needed to making the patients ill in health.

Waiting up to 4 months between appointments with physiotherapists.

Long time to wait to see consultants.
Patients are having to wait for months following consultations assessment in NHS hospitals to carry out treatment, often patients do not get to see the consultant again just a physiotherapist to tell the patients the consultants decision then they decide whether the patients get to see the consultant for treatments then waiting again for an appointment which has been up to 6 months.

Waiting a long time for wheelchair assessment & with travelling time by ambulance services can take between 3 - 6 hours, then waiting a long time to get a new electric wheelchair.

Wheelchair users are finding it difficult to find a dentist that has wheelchair assess yet by law all public service building has to be accessible yet not many councils are enforcing this. People finding it difficult to find a dentist that excepts NHS patients with wheelchair access.


  • wilko
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    All but the last paragraph is the same for everybody disabled or able bodied. People who have time on their hands il, retired or what else are being offered doctors appointments at times that would be more efficient 
     to those who are working and can attend before or after work. Receptionists are not helping In this matter. As for dentist this is another matter a lot of people can't get a practice to take them on under NHS. So have to pay private or travel great distances. As for acess my own dentist as a step from pavement then two steps to door no wheel acess I drive down as no room to leave mobility scooter safely outside without blocking pavement. Once inside there is a dentist on the ground floor the others upstairs but they have swapped to accommodate the odd patients that can't manage stairs.
  • disabledkenny1
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    Hi Wilko, GP's are refusing to do home visits to housebound patients, on Monday my GP told me to call an ambulance out for a blood pressure test as he could not be bothered to do a home visit as I had a TIA 2 weeks ago & have been waking up blurred vision, confusion & suffering from migraines. All buildings open to the public by law have to be accessible to prams, wheelchairs, people with walking difficulties & sensory impairments, so all dentists should be accessible but here in Oldham the council not enforcing the law so started Oldham Access Forum on Facebook to try to get Oldham Accessible.