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Esa medical

Hi. I am new here but wondered if anyone could give me advice. I have been sent a date for a medical for ESA but I clearly stated on my forms I am housebound due to being on crutches or wheelchair and living in a first floor flat. I cannot get down the stairs unaided, my condition is very unpredictable and is even effected by the weather. I had a PIP assessment at home and did ask for this on my ESA forms so do not know what to do.

I have various medical and OT reports stating I need to move but I have been told as a council tenant, I have to find a swap but no one wants a first floor flat to swap with. I have no practical help and it is quite hard adapting from an able bodied person to the situation I am in now. I would really appreciate any advice or friendly


  • WeepingWillow
    WeepingWillow Member Posts: 20 Courageous
    @marie13 A warm welcome from the forum. Can we separate your two issues?  First of all your ESA assessment you will need to call them and tell them your issues. They will ask you to send in a doctors note stating why it is not physically possible to attend. If you did have to attend at their office you would have to state that any assessment must be on the ground floor and someone would have to be there to meet you.   I generally find that they are reluctant to do home visits for ESA . 

    Your housing is a different issue have you spoken to your housing officer and asked for a transfer? They generally recommend that you also look for an exchange yourself as well on sites such as homeswapper or  facebook but my sister is in a similar situation and she has her housing officer helping.
  • marie13
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    Thank you so much Weeping Willow for answering and giving me some advice.  It is quite overwhelming coming to terms with the unfamiliar territory of suddenly being disabled and where and how to get any support.  Being housebound and totally dependant on others to get me out, I spend the majority of my time alone and miss so much having people to chat with. Really appreciate you making the effort to respond. Marie 


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